Wilhering, Austria – Upper Austria's number 1 on the cable market is readying itself to face the Austrian Cash Register Security Regulation (RKSV) that is planned to become effective on April 1, 2017. Thanks to the upgrade to NTS Retail Suite X4, the TV, internet and telephony provider now also enjoys numerous additional features of NTS Retail's new version of the tried-and-true POS solution.

Located in Linz, LIWEST Kabelmedien GmbH provides first-class products in the areas of TV, high-speed internet and fixed-line telephony to mainly private households and companies in Upper Austria and the western parts of Lower Austria. The customer base of the LIWEST Group currently counts more than 130,000 customers, while their high-quality network is constantly expanded by integrating further local grids and franchise partners.

The company, who has already been a valued customer of NTS Retail since 2009, has now decided to upgrade the previously used version 8.30 of the NTS Retail Suite to the latest X4 release. In addition to the various new features that become available with the software upgrade, meeting the legal requirements defined by the Austrian Cash Register Security Regulation (RKSV), which is planned to become effective on April 1, was one of the main reasons for switching to the new version.

Apart from full RKSV compliance, the upgrade also holds a number of other advantages. The numerous under-the-hood improvements as well as the completely redesigned user interface of the POS modules are especially noteworthy in this context. The respective improvements guarantee easy orientation and navigation while helping to accelerate the entire sales process.

In terms of the features used by LIWEST, the telecommunications and cable provider mainly uses all standard cash register functionalities and, in addition to that, also offers its customers the opportunity to conveniently pay open bills directly at a store. Thanks to an integration with the respective billing system, both customers of LIWEST and those of their subsidiary ASAK are able to pay invoices at their desired store.