ISE Amsterdam: NTS Retail partners with Intel, Pyramid & YooniK to present a new kiosk solution using facial recognition

We are very happy to be a part of the Intel booth at ISE (Integrated Systems Europe) in Amsterdam this year. In a cooperative effort, NTS Retail is partnering with Intel, YooniK and Pyramid Computer, demonstrating a keyless entry system for hotel rooms using facial recognition to identify the guest.

While unlocking a door in a hotel room is the specific use case for this demo, there is a wide variety of possible scenarios, which can be facilitated and conceived of using the technology. In retail and telco retail specifically, fields that lie well within our focus, there are many possible applications. Basically, any transaction that requires customers to be clearly identified can be automated and simplified using face recognition technology. SIM card sales, re-contracting, identity-based postpaid services – these are all processes that can be automated to great effect.

Check out the kiosk at the Intel booth

Gathering companies following this years’ topic “Making Deeper Connections”, ISE 2020 is the place for vendors, manufacturers, distributers, consultants and integrators to present and discuss cutting-edge technology in the field of AV systems integration.

Drop by Intel’s booth C210, Hall 8 and check out the demo for yourself!