Introducing NTS Retail Software Suite X11

In its latest iteration, our software suite has seen a range of changes and additions, which are all geared towards increasing the functional scope of NTS commerce platform and continue our path towards introducing a service-based architecture across all key retail business processes.

NTS Retail X11 reached several key milestones, which allow our platform to continue to improve on key assets like operational flexibility and scalability. While some of the additions concern our web-based POS solution NTS pos (e. g. product lookup and discount handling), there are also a lot of expansions to the background processes, focusing on our multi-layered rights management system and integration capabilities.

Expanding the scope of features of our platform and web-based POS

With this latest release, several more features and functionalities from our stack of rich client features are ported to the platform architecture. The list of newly added features consists of but is not limited to:

  • Restricting discount options based on certain user roles, thus allowing different discounting options for various employee levels.

  • Returns and exchanges can be carried out without a corresponding original transaction in specific cases. This broadens the scope of available features while processing reverse processes in different scenarios.

  • Store employees can be granted the right to look up the stock level for a product at different locations.

  • The handling of product bundling has been extended to allow for a broader variety of options with mandatory and optional components in different compositions.

  • Additional capabilities to define rulesets for payments on specific products to meet requirements from finance and business teams (e.g. limit split payments for a specific means of payment).

BSS integration capabilities and great adaptability

Our platform follows an open API-based design approach, allowing telco operators and CSPs to get more out of their retail networks by enabling smooth integrations even in highly complex scenarios. By relying on our solution, telcos, specialist retailers and related verticals will find it easier than ever to get their data aligned across their various systems and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Great scalability for your retail environment
  • Maximum flexibility for your business
  • Low integration risk and hosting constraints
  • A single platform for all your brands
  • Excellent time-to-market for new services

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