Introducing the latest version our software suite: NTS Retail X9


Since the launch of NTS Retail X8, which set a few key milestones in the transition towards a platform-based commerce solution, we have been keeping busy, continuously expanding the scope of features to equip our solution with everything telcos and specialist retailers need to get more out of their network of retail stores.


A web-based POS that’s truly up to match the standards of leading telco brands

Our longtime customers appreciate our solution for its depth of features, extensive configuration options and operational flexibility. When we set out to undertake the shift to a service-based platform architecture, we did this with a clear vision: Keeping what made our products unique, while laying the technological foundation for a modern, scalable commerce solution. NTS pos in this most recent version is another key milestone in this transition, built entirely atop NTS commerce platform.

We understand that information-driven retail requires a solution that is both reliable and flexible. While it needs to be technologically sound, it also needs to form the baseline for a customer-centric approach. Top that with the ability to take the best of breed solution from every end of the funnel and create something truly exciting.


The benefits of running your retail environment with NTS commerce platform

Relying on our platform, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Maximum flexibility on a platform level to quickly adjust to emerging requirements
  • Excellent scalability for your commerce environment allows you to grow your business smoothly
  • Leverage smooth end-to-end retail processes with our open API design
  • Speed up time-to-market for new sales and transformation campaigns
  • Fully featured multi-tenancy enables you to operate multiple brands
  • Keep your systems independent from hosting and integration constraints


Putting a platform-based solution that is both scalable and flexible goes a long way towards enabling omnichannel use cases. Our technology assists you in driving your retail transformation projects, enabling you to innovate with confidence.


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