In omni-channel management, speed-to-capability is critical. The risk of customer churn increases if the customers' expectations are not met. Yet Ovum's most recent research indicates that 70% of communications service providers (CSPs) and those with ambitions to become digital services providers (DSPs) are still in the early development stages of their omni-channel management capabilities.

These developments can be accelerated if CSPs follow the fundamental principles and best practices outlined in Ovum's report. It also includes two cross-industry reference case studies which illustrate the level of business transformation required and how to speed up processes by adopting the right holistic and customer experience-driven approach.

Read more about the D+M omni-channel management implementation in the audio consumer product industry as well as about how Huawei recruited complementary technology ecosystem partners to create a complete ecosystem for a catalyst project. This project has developed into an industry-wide omni-channel management alliance (OCM-A) to address the digital transformation challenges faced by telcos and related DSPs. OCM-A founding technology alliance partners include NTS Retail, Celebrus, Huawei, Ogilvy, Teletech, TIBCO Software and Vodafone.

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