Looking at the high number of installations at world-wide renowned telco operators as well as the system’s proven efficiency in other sectors such as DIY, cosmetics, luxury and consumer electronics, it is no wonder that more and more other industries also start discovering the many advantages of the NTS Retail Suite.

Recently, NTS Retail has been arousing quite some interest within the fashion industry. As an example, a well-renowned Polish manufacturer and seller of suits  has decided in favor of the Austrian retail software solution. The company mainly specializes in suits but also offers a variety of other clothes and accessories such as shirts, coats, jackets, sweaters, ties, cufflinks, socks and even perfume more than 100  stores throughout Poland.

What really distinguishes NTS Retail from other software solutions and makes it so interesting for the fashion world is the system’s vast variety of functionalities in regard to extended article configuration. Clothes, in particular, have numerous different features that need to be taken into account. Be it the type of clothes, their cut and size, fabric, color or pattern, with the NTS Retail Suite you are able to manage whole goods groups or only individual products and associate them with common features . This also makes it possible to draw the right conclusions and properly analyze sales data.

Another reason why NTS Retail is so interesting for the fashion industry is the software’s ability to create and manage different types of promotions. This includes multipacks  and sets of any kind, where the granted discount depends on the overall purchase value or whether or not a specific product has been chosen. Such extremely effective cross-selling approaches guarantee shopping baskets filled up to the brim, while offering your customers the best possible service.

In addition to that, the system is able to calculate optimum stock levels, which is another key quality in the fashion sector. By taking into account important factors such as sales numbers, seasonal variations, turnover as well as minimum stock levels and maximum storage capacities, NTS Retail helps maintain a perfect balance between optimum article availability and low storage costs.

In the case of the Polish menswear  manufacturer, NTS Retail will be used for managing the entire store network and central warehouse logistics. In particular, this includes article configuration, price administration, promotion handling, customer loyalty programs and all ordering and logistics processes. Additionally, the software will communicate  with the company’s accounting system as well as the online store and the various production units. The software rollout is planned to start in early October 2015.