Wilhering, Austria: enterprises intending to maintain success over the long-term need to proactively address the expectations of their customers in the sales process, also across multiple sales channels for cross-channel business, demanding premium quality overall assistance and consistent cross-channel shopping experience from initial web contact, personal sales assistance in the physical shop, purchase decision at home and after sales customer care. System-independent IT solutions matching up to these demands and so optimally supporting the dales process are therefore increasingly more important.

“Many companies are however still relying on heterogeneous system environments and technologies, as island solutions individual channels and media are fed separately with data, delivering uncorrelated information which is difficult to combine.” explains Günther Schrammel, CEO at NTS New Technology Systems, the POS and retail management specialist, pointing out the consequences "You may end up easily losing customers between the web and the shop". Costs of integrating the separate island solutions are an additional factor producing above all a confusing mix of interfaces.

NTSwincash retail hub now delivers a solution enabling enterprises to offer a consistent service platform across all sales channels with seamless coordination of all steps from sales assistance through the checkout to repairs, enabling you to overcome limitations within and between individual systems by providing services for third-party applications and simultaneously allowing the use of external services, supporting cross-channel provision of product and price information, synchronisation of customer details, orders and transaction data across external systems, and system-independent exchange of stock levels.

Billing transactions can be initiated and completed, as well as particular modules being able to be shared for both sales assistance and payment functions. The result is an intelligent networking of previously separate systems providing increased sales through a consistent shopping experience. “The point of sale has become a point of service, NTSwincash retail hub allows enterprises to address this challenge and strengthen customer loyalty.” – Günther Schrammel