The RMEA division of the world-leading provider of telecommunications services Ericsson and the Austrian based Retail Software & Consulting Group NTS just signed a partnership agreement to expand Ericsson´s comprehensive portfolio with the NTSwincash retail suite. The goal is to provide Telco retailers with an all in one retail solution, covering the areas store management, retail logistics and point of sale.

The agreement applies for 21 countries in the RMEA region and covers the supply of NTSwincash standard solution and NTS professional services and the customization of the solution in order to meet the operators specific requirements. Furthermore NTS provides specialists and know how to Ericsson to establish its own NTSwincash Expertise Center.

This collaboration between Ericsson RMEA and NTS builds on past activities that the two companies have undertaken together. Currently four promising projects within leading operators in RMEA region are under way and more to follow.