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NTS self-service solution running on kiosk terminal

NTS Retail offers a highly comfortable self-service solution that perfectly supports you in accelerating simple transactions in your stores. Your customers are able to quickly and conveniently top-up their phone credit, pay their open phone bills and/or buy various accessories using self-service terminals. Payment can be done in cash or via the connected EFT terminal, using a credit or debit card.

The benefits are plain to see: Your customers do not have to wait until the next sales agents becomes available. At the same time, your sales agents can dedicate more time to other customers who seek detailed advice on a product.

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Save your customers valuable time

No standing in line. No waiting until a store employee becomes available. No customers that turn around and leave your store because they are frustrated. Making use of NTS Retail's self-service solution, you are able to provide better service, improve customer satisfaction and increase turnover rates.

  • Accelerated store transactions
  • No waiting times
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Increased number of sales transactions
  • Higher turnover


More time for detailed consulting

Your customers are not the only ones profiting from the NTS Retail self-service solution, however. By shifting simple transactions to self-service terminals, your store employees' workload significantly reduces as well. Especially during peak hours, you give them more room for those who ask for detailed consulting. Your customers will appreciate the extra time your sales agents dedicate to them. And your employees are able to better concentrate on successfully closing the deal.

  • Reduced workload for your store employees
  • More time for VIP customers
  • Improved selling rate