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Simple, unified processes and an intuitive user interface help streamline the customer data entry procedure and the signing of contracts. Thanks to NTS Retail’s enrollment solution, the entire contract signing procedure can be handled on a tablet. In order to meet the desire for a continuous process – from the consultation to the signing of the contract and concluding with the payment handling – NTS Retail created a digital consulting solution called NTS sales assistant. This solution has now been optimized by adding an enrollment component.

NTS enrollment software running on tablet


A single point of entry: handle everything on a tablet

NTS Retail serves as a single point of entry, which relies on unified processes and accesses data in real time. Due to its seamless integration with order management and billing systems, the order entry process can be simplified even more. For the sales personnel, this means they no longer need to switch between systems or enter the same set of data multiple times.


Streamlined order entry process

If an extended consultation on products is about to lead to a sales decision, you don’t want to waste your customer’s time with an unnecessarily complicated contract signing procedure. Thanks to the enrollment solution by NTS Retail, the process can be streamlined and faulty entries can be prevented.

This way, even complex sequences are divided into clear, logical steps and data entry fields are automatically filled in using a direct connection to background systems. Following a review of the retrieved data together with the customer, the contract can then be signed digitally and instantly delivered via email, creating an eco-friendly process. Unneeded paper print-outs are a thing of the past! Following the conclusive signing of the contract, the payment procedure can be handled directly from the tablet: Thanks to NTS Retail’s mobile POS solution all of this becomes a single, seamless process.

Short facts

  • No need to switch between different applications
  • A simple, intuitive user interface
  • Faster data entry process
  • Reduced error rate due to pulling data directly from scans of IDs and credit cards
  • Digital signing of contracts