Wilhering, Austria – For years, Vodafone’s Egyptian subsidiary has been relying on NTS Retail’s tried-and-true retail management software NTSwincash. Now, the company has decided to upgrade to the new “NTS Retail X3” version to centrally manage and monitor their store processes. The upgrade allows the telco provider to handle their logistics workflows at an even higher quality level than before.

Using the new X3 version, Vodafone Egypt is able to profit from a clearly structured order process via centrally created goods allocations. Acting as important link between the company’s central warehouse and all individual branches, branch management and all major logistics workflows are handled via the NTSwincash central logistics module.
Labor-intensive processes such as goods requests, order consolidations and allocations are tremendously facilitated and, thanks to serial number tracking, the entire goods flow can be monitored end-to-end and at any stage. The system also offers a way of centrally initiating goods transfers between individual shops. This provides a highly efficient way of performing shop-to-shop transfers without the need to manually process them by employees. In addition to that, NTSwincash central logistics will also help perform exact calculations of order quantities and goods allocations in order to ensure a perfect balance between optimum goods availability and low storage costs.

This goal in mind, Vodafone Egypt is planning to use the NTSwincash drf (dynamic replenishment forecast) tool to automatically calculate order quantities. The add-on enables the telco operator to calculate optimum order quantities while taking into account certain seasonal fluctuations. “NTSwincash drf offers even finer and more flexible calculations than our standard allocation functionality. Without the need for user interaction, the tool analyzes relevant sales and inventory data to create relevant key figures. These key figures, like minimum and maximum quantities for individual articles at particular locations, are then used for calculating the respective order quantities,” explains NTS Retail CEO Guenther Schrammel.

Further plans are aimed at also introducing a central-steered stocktake solution. Following this concept, a specially developed module is to provide a possibility of centrally coordinating stocktakes for all branches. This would facilitate and accelerate the entire stocktaking process. “This basically removes the need for each individual branch to manually create a stocktake since they would all work by central company directives. This allows headquarters to check and monitor whether a stocktake has been started, how it is progressing or whether it has already been finalized. In case of any discrepancies between actual and target stock levels, it is very important to react and initiate an inventory recount before finalizing the stocktake and resuming sales,” says Guenther Schrammel about the planned solution.