NTS Retail was provided the opportunity to implement a new platform-independent mobile stocktake solution for Swisscom, based on the tried-and-true NTS logistics software module. The new solution makes it possible to perform stocktakes on regular tablet devices with Bluetooth scanners that are used throughout the leading Swiss telco provider’s shops. The software has already been rolled out in all 122 stores without any problems and is now successfully in use on a regular basis. Various shops thus have even been able to perform their first full stocktake with the new software in a highly efficient way.

Thanks to its multi-user ability, real-time error handling as well as its intuitive and fully optimized user interface, the mobile stocktake solution has proven to hold enormous advantages for store employees. “Compared to previous stocktakes, we are able to save up to 50% of the time it takes to complete the process. Possible error sources have also been significantly reduced and the overall handling is much easier. This allows even those that have not received any special training to use the software without any problems,” says Patrik Brüngger, who is in charge of sales logistics at Swisscom, about the NTS mobile logistics solution enthusiastically and fully satisfied.

In addition to unlocking an enormous time-saving potential, the mobile solution also significantly reduces stocktake expenses thanks to lows costs for maintenance and since expensive special hardware is no longer needed.