All good things come in threes: NTS Retail proudly announces to have yet again won a prestigious Digital Transformation World Catalyst Award for the Outstanding Use of TM Forum Assets.

Along with its team partners Orange, Bearingpoint, Globetom and qualycloud, NTS Retail presented the Phygital Store Catalyst. This project blends the physical and digital interactions customers have with communication service providers (CSP) into ‘phygital’ experiences. The aim of the Catalyst is to deliver an unmatched customer experience in stores and online in an effort to reinvent the customer relationship through gamification, robots, artificial intelligence, the EU’s GDPR compliance, a personalized loyalty program as well as automation.



At the event NTS Retail demonstrated live how voice-based and AI-enabled assistants can perfectly complement the customer journey. Our contribution to the Phygital Store Catalyst was to integrate a robot assistant into the greeting workflow, which serves as a welcoming agent in the store. Upon entering the store, customers are addressed by the robot vocally and invited to interact with it. Relying on artificial intelligence (chatbot technology), the robotic assistant asks for the customer’s name, the purpose of their shop visit and finally queues them in accordingly in a dedicated waiting line. The goal is to handle waiting times efficiently, while creating a unique, personal customer experience.

Thanks to all involved team partners and also to the interested audience in Nice for their invaluable interaction.


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