In January, NRF’s Big Show, the world’s largest gathering in the retail industry, informed about upcoming trends, possible challenges and innovations that retailers cannot afford to miss when getting their stores ready for 2020.

To go against the current trend of stores generating less traffic and lower sales, retailers count on inspirational technology to invent a “new” store for their customers. Doing so, however, they mustn’t forget about what made them who they are — something absolutely essential — the incredible potential of their store employees.



Our on-site team at NRF’s Big Show took the opportunity to speak to numerous retailers, vendors and analyst experts. Together, they were able to identify some important factors in the retail universe that may have a major impact on telecom’s future retail business:

  • Utilize store insights to drive future success
  • Individualize customer engagement
  • Turn your stores into fulfillment centers
  • ...


Learn more about all 6 big trends by downloading our whitepaper below.

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