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Viva Bahrain once again opts for NTS Retail

Since March 2010, VIVA Bahrain — a fully owned subsidiary of the Saudi Telecommunications Company (STC) — has been providing the most advanced and innovative technology to its customers, operating the best quality network in Bahrain. In their search for a reliable POS solution for the market launch in 2010, VIVA Bahrain finally decided for NTS Retail, an Austrian software provider with a well-known telco customer base all around the world.

Thanks to the long and satisfying partnership, VIVA Bahrain decided to migrate to NTS Retail’s latest software version to cover all current and future POS-related processes in 2017.


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Background Case Study Testimonial
“The NTS Retail Suite has helped us eliminate multiple error sources and increase efficiency. We now profit from convenient bill payment handling and optimized inventory management processes to mention just a few examples.”

IT / VIVA Bahrain

The perfect solution for telco stores

Despite a tight project timeline, VIVA Bahrain and NTS Retail successfully managed to implement NTS Retail X4.1 that satisfies both business and technological needs. VIVA Bahrain opted for NTS sales, a highly professional consultancy, information and registration tool, to be used by their sales teams.

Trusting in NTS Retail’s vast experience, VIVA Bahrain was able to increase efficiency at their retail stores by seamlessly integrating the POS solution with their backend systems. As one of the major components, the NTS interface framework serves as the foundation for integrating the NTS Retail Suite into the existing VIVA Bahrain system landscape.



Download the full case study and learn more about following challenges:

  • A unified frontend
  • Efficient inventory management 

VIVA Bahrain

  • Provider of high-quality communications services
  • 1.8 million customers


Product portfolio

  • Mobile telephony
  • Internet
  • Value added services



  • Short timelines
  • Integration with Siebel
  • Bulk payment integration
  • Reduction of the complexity of shop processes



  • Smooth integration with the CRM system
  • In-store bill payment via one unified screen
  • Absolute control of goods movements and stock
  • Significantly accelerated processes and increased customer satisfaction