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Telefónica: Cost-efficient employee training thanks to the NTS eTrainer

Due to the merger between Telefónica Germany and the E-Plus Group and the resulting process changes at the point of sale, it became necessary to train a vast number of store employees in regard to the new software functions. Telefónica Germany was thus faced with the big challenge of passing on the necessary process know-how to more than 1,000 employees all over Germany in order to guarantee a successful knowledge transfer.


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Background Case Study Testimonial
“A merger between two large companies always poses a great challenge on all levels. Thanks to the NTS eTrainer, we were able to make the new shop processes available in all our stores and thus re-train our new employees quickly and in an uncomplicated manner. The NTS eTrainer was delivered in different modules and could be integrated into our training portal without much effort.”

Michael Rauch / Senior Project Manager / Telefónica Deutschland Holding AG

Effective training of store processes

Since the introduction of NTS Retail in the year 2000, E-Plus has been relying on the NTS eTrainer to train new staff. The very positive experience with the eLearning tool they gained soon also convinced Telefónica Germany to use it for training, documentation and process know-how transfer.

The NTS eTrainer provides a web-based learning software that allows NTS Retail users to independently explore and get familiar with the software. The program was custom-tailored to cover all processes the employees would be confronted with after the merger between Telefónica Germany and E-Plus.



Download the full case study and learn more about the NTS eTrainer and its many advantages.

Telefónica Germany

  • Germany’s largest telecom provider
  • Product brands: O2 and BASE
  • More than 43 million mobile lines


Product portfolio

  • Mobile telephony
  • Mobile data services based on GPRS, UMTS and LTE



  • Training over 1,000 new store employees
  • Varied knowledge of processes



  • Fast and efficient training
  • Knowledge transfer across all areas