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Store Management

NTS Retail offers the perfect deployment model for any IT infrastructure—be it an online or offline operation mode or even a combination of both. In online mode, NTS Retail operates with direct access to a central server, thus helping you save costs for expensive store servers while allowing real-time retail operations. In replication mode, the system provides POS operation even if the connection to HQ is down. As soon as the connection is restored again, all transaction data will automatically be synchronized with HQ.

NTS Retail solutions are successfully deployed in the form of thousands of installations throughout Europe, Russia, Africa as well as the Arabic region. Not only does the system meet all requirements in regard to fiscal laws and regulations but it also supports a wide variety of commonly used POS hardware devices.


NTS operations manager software running on desktop PC


  • Central management of large retail networks
  • Maximum reliability and stability
  • Different operation modes—online, offline or a combination of both
  • Possibility to perform sales transactions in spite of poor network quality
  • Proactive monitoring of all NTS Retail components