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Numerous new features and improved usability – A1 Hrvatska receives a major upgrade to NTS Retail X6

A1 Hrvatska has been relying on NTS Retail software solutions for two decades already. Now, the second largest Croatian telecom operator has upgraded to NTS Retail X6 and is thus perfectly equipped for the ongoing digital transformation in retail.

The major upgrade enables A1 Hrvatska to benefit from a range of new features, all geared towards simplifying daily operations. On the surface, the key features remain the same, but thanks to some important changes under the hood the software excels at enabling smooth processes, particularly with regard to the integration with a modern system environment.

To ensure the best user experience for the staff, NTS Retail's LDAP interface (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) has been set up to provide same sign-on functionality. By checking the user data against the Windows Active Directory, the entire login process for A1 Hrvatska's users has become much easier and faster. Additionally, A1 Hrvatska benefits from improved usability and simplified data maintenance.

The NTS Retail Layout Management System (LMS) makes it possible to adapt, manage and organize layouts for invoices, offers, deposits, withdrawals, etc. directly within the database. The main benefit of using LMS lies in the capability to centrally manage layouts online, without depending on software changes on a local level. This provides shops with great flexibility regarding the use of layouts. Changes – whether they are triggered by legal requirements or marketing purposes - can be timed exactly without any additional effort from software rollouts.

Additional improvements could also be achieved by a change in technology from Tomcat to the platform-independent application server WildFly. Services can now be set up, finetuned and monitored more easily.

With the newly introduced version NTS Retail X6, A1 Hrvatska can now rely on a state-of-the-art POS solution that reliably runs all daily sales processes across the retail network. Providing interface security for our customers while still remaining technologically open is one of the biggest challenges in our industry. Once again, we were able to prove our expertise in this area with a successful project.