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Queue Busting

Research topic: queue busting

Everybody knows how it works: Draw a number and stand in line until it is finally your turn. A great number of software providers offers queuing solutions, but almost all of them work the same way: You draw a number and wait until it is called or displayed on a screen. Wouldn't it be nice if one could productively use the waiting time...

Mobile World Congress 2016

NTS Retail @ Integrated Systems Europe, Mobile World Congress and NG Telecoms Africa Summit

NTS Retail took part in various events this spring. We actively participated in the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) in Amsterdam, the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona as well as the NG Telecoms Africa Summit in Pretoria. Mobility that affects huge parts of our daily lives, customer experience and...

Crossing Europe 2016

Crossing Europe Film Festival

From April 20-25, 2016 CROSSING EUROPE offers international film and press representatives and the local cinema audience a program with approximately 160 outstanding films, documentaries and short films. With hand-picked socio-political films and numerous film guests present, CROSSING EUROPE again seeks to...