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Smart digital queue
management in retail stores


It all starts with a great first impression

We see the welcoming process as crucial element for a successful in-store performance. Once a visitor has enjoyed an appealing welcome experience, half the battle is won. Common ticketing solutions come along with plenty of painpoints that have major impact on in-store experience and customer satisfaction.

That’s why our long-time client Drei Austria has just implemented an innovative welcoming approach, putting customers center stage while empowering store associates to deliver top-level consulting quality.

Watch this video to learn how Drei Austria uses NTS welcome manager to run a smart digital queue management that perfectly aligns with its new open-lounge store concept.


Learn more about our smart queue management solution NTS welcome manager by referring to "Welcome & Queue Management" in our solutions section.
Or download our case study "Hutchison Drei sets trends in queuing with NTS welcome manager" below.

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Rudolf Krammer
Rudolf Krammer
Head of Marketing

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