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Indirect Channel

CSPs constantly aim to improve their competitive positioning by incorporating the right mix of owned and franchise/partner stores. NTS Retail allows them to combine both worlds within one solution—both from a backoffice as well as from a frontoffice perspective. It provides comprehensive management and monitoring functions for franchise headquarters, while offering autonomous store & data management for franchise partners.


Franchise Channel

Comprehensive management and monitoring functions for headquarter employees combined with autonomous administration for franchise partners—is that even possible?

 Yes, absolutely. NTS Retail Franchise Management offers all functionalities that enterprises with extended franchise structures are looking for. It allows you to manage all your distribution channels from within one system. Both the article range of the franchisor as well as the franchisee’s are combined, sold together but automatically billed separately.

Thanks to an elaborate user rights concept, the NTS Retail Suite can easily be adapted to meet your individual franchise requirements.


Partner Channel

NTS Retail is used by numerous enterprises with extensive branch structures and partner networks. The extent to which each partner is granted access to your company's internal IT systems may vary from case to case. Within the course of many projects, we have implemented many different concepts and various connection forms for partner stores.

Regardless of which form you decide to go for and how much access to your IT systems you wish to provide them with, we always support you in finding a suitable solution and let you profit from our long years of experience.

Because only with a perfect integration of you partner channels are you able to offer cross-channel processes that allow for a continuous brand experience as well as best customer service.


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  • Cross-channel processes
  • Connection between direct and indirect sales channels
  • Continuous customer service
  • Autonomous administration for franchisees
  • Separate declaration of taxes on customer receipts
  • Automatic generation of separate receipts for franchisor and non-franchisor articles
  • Provision of franchise data records by headquarter employees
  • Special handling of franchise articles