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Design principles


NTS Retail meets all key design principles for a state-of-the-art commerce technology, providing full support during the entire transformation roadmap on the path to a new flexible, agile business structure. This allows you to quickly adapt your commerce solution to changing market demands and reduce time-to-market for the implementation of new services and processes.

Icon open platform

Open platform
Provide unified business functionalities through open APIs, making them accessible via all channels and third-party solutions.


Icon unified customer frontend

Unified customer front ends
Improve your brand experience and strengthen your corporate identity across all customer touchpoints.


Icon mobile first

Mobile first
Make use of solutions optimized for mobile devices.


Icon agility

Ensure your time-to-market advantages through modular design and easy, cost-effective customization possibilities.
Icon cloud

Profit from a solution which can be deployed in the cloud, on-premise or in a hybrid environment.


Icon telco standard

Telco standard
Utilize the latest out-of-the-box functionalities derived from our longstanding telco experience and consideration of telco standards.


Icon multitenancy

Save infrastructure and operation expenses by running multiple tenants (e.g. different OPCOs, brands, resellers) on the same platform.