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BSS Integration

The heart of telco retail stores

Customer engagement in telco retail stores involves complex operational and business processes across a variety of different systems. Its deep integration into your BSS landscape via standard connectors makes NTS Retail a single point of customer engagement and the heart of your retail stores — an absolute enabler for a new level of customer service and accelerated order to cash.


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  • Pre-certified connectors for a seamless BSS integration
  • Low integration efforts due to standard interfaces
  • A "single point of entry" for unanimous customer engagement
  • End-to-end telco processes such as Order entry, bill payment, deposits, bonus programs, contract handling, direct top-ups and eVouchers, SIM card handling/SIM swap and mobile number portation
  • Sales of additional services & OTT offers (e.g., TV packages)
  • Personalization via in-store CRM/online integration to external CRM
  • Real-time insight in and absolute control over store performance and the flow of goods
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NTS Retail supports all different kinds of prepaid credit top-ups directly at the cash desk or at a self-service kiosk. No matter if you prefer to use prepaid cards, eVouchers or direct top-ups, NTS Retail offers a perfectly integrated solution.

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NTS Retail's seamless integration with your Order Management System significantly simplifies handling of customer orders. Real-time data exchange guarantees quick processing and prevents the necessity of redundant data entry.


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With NTS Retail you are able to reduce administration efforts to a minimum. Regardless of which data administration system you have in use, NTS Retail constantly exchanges relevant information with your Product Master and thus keeps relevant data up-to-date. This guarantees that all your sales channels are provided with consistent and reliable data since, as we all know, what we consider accurate today may be completely outdated by tomorrow!

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NTS Retail creates financial postings meeting your specific bookkeeping standards for all relevant transactions. The necessary data can then be exported for further processing by your bookkeeping system.

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BI Solutions

We integrate your Business Intelligence solution, providing your corporate management structures with highly important information and KPIs in order to give them absolute control over store performance and goods movements.

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NTS Retail offers an opportunity to pay invoices directly at the POS and/or make advance payments. Thanks to the seamless integration with your billing system, your sales staff is able to quickly and effectively perform billing transactions.

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Loyalty Systems

The integration of loyalty programs with the NTS Retail Suite always takes place by paying close attention to your specific requirements and needs. Regardless of which loyalty system you have in use (Siebel, SAP, etc.), we always offer various different implementation scenarios and integration possibilities. The difference lies in the in the way sales processes are handled and how data is managed. But regardless of which operation mode you eventually decide to use, we always make sure that the respective data is transmitted seamlessly and that the systems are perfectly integrated.

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We specialize in the seamless integration of your CRM system with our NTS Retail Suite. This makes it possible to load specific customer details directly from your CRM when performing a sales transaction in order to create personalized special offers. Furthermore, the system is able to use the respective data for various different cross and up-selling activities.


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To ensure smooth retail operations, NTS Retail constantly provides the respective backend system with up-to-date sales and goods movement data for further processing.