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After-Sales Services

Uncomplicated goods returns and transparent repair processes are important steps in a positive customer journey. NTS Retail's integrated reverse logistics and after-sales service solution allows quick and convenient handling of returns and repair orders.


After Sales Service Cycle graphics


Returns and exchanges

With NTS Retail you are able to handle goods returns and exchanges in a very easy and uncomplicated way, thus offering your customers the best possible service experience. The system allows you to define a specific time in which a goods return is possible, which article in can be exchanged with and which return reasons are permitted.

To prevent fraud, NTS Retail uses a number of sophisticated security mechanisms and only allows goods returns in case the corresponding reference transaction (i.e., the original sales transaction) is found in the system.

  • Freely definable return reasons
  • Goods returns and exchanges based on reference transactions
  • Serial number validation of returned goods
  • Restriction of return functionality to particular user groups
  • Definition of specific time periods in which a goods return is permitted, depending on a particular return reason
  • Automatic warranty check


Repairs management

The NTS repairmanager offers centralized, transparent handling of repair processes.

Customers can proactively monitor the repair process and are automatically notified via e-mail, text message or regular mail as soon as the status of their repair order changes.

  • Add and track repair orders
  • Offer loan and replacement devices and check the warranty status
  • Notification feature
  • Cost estimates
  • Customer portal
  • Handover of repaired devices and checking of pending repair orders (incl. repair history)
  • Seamless integration with your POS