Digitizing the office honesty box with VR Payment & Pyramid

Leonding. As the result of a joint project with VR Payment GmbH and Pyramid Computer GmbH, we introduced a self-service ice cream cooler with a no-hassle digital payment terminal at our NTS Retail headquarters in Leonding, Upper Austria.

The project, which basically amounts to a digital version of the well-established concept of an office honesty box, enables companies to easily allow employees and visitors to purchase snacks, drinks or any other small value good at the office. The concept works best in access-secured company premises and allows local dealers to generate additional revenue from selling their products in a high-traffic environment.

Enjoying ice cream on a warm summer day

The current use case combines an ice cooler with a payment terminal. Visitors to our headquarters can conveniently purchase their favorite ice cream at any given time of the day using practically any kind of cashless payment.

The purchase process is simple: Employees scan the barcode of the product at the built-in barcode scanner on top of the terminal. The product is then queued for payment with the associated price. The user can then pay using an NFC terminal with a range of contactless payment methods, such as credit card, debit card, Apple Pay and many others. Once the payment is finalized, a receipt is printed, and the employee can enjoy their ice cream.

Designed for maximum flexibility and usability

It’s easy to imagine use cases beyond the sale of ice cream: companies can easily expand the accessible service offering for their employees. The digital honesty box could be used in to offer other goods, such as beverages, power bars or convenience meals. Any product, which can be fitted with a barcode or QR code can be sold using the product. For local vendors, it’s a simple way to generate additional revenue streams without extra effort. For employees, the added convenience at their place of work is a quick win.

Running a simple sale with NTS commerce platform at the core

From a technical perspective, the project is brought to life with the hardware and design coming from Pyramid Computer. The payment terminal is provided by VR Payment, while NTS commerce platform serves as the connector between the hardware and the payment terminal, conducting the payment transactions in the background.

It’s been an exciting project to implement with our partners and we can’t wait to see what’s in the box as we move forward with this way to bring simple transactions onto our platform.

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