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  • Retail  Software  Solutions


    & Consulting Group

    NTS Retail provides high-end commerce solutions for telecoms and specialized retailers

  • The No1 Retail Solution

    The No1
    Retail Solution

    for Telecoms

    We cover 95% of all telecom processes out of the box


    Our telco leadership comes along with the experience out of 16 years in more than 40 telecom projects


    We speak telco language!


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  • Touchpoint Series

NTS Retail Suite

The perfect solution for highly active retail companies, who want to offer their customers optimal service quality and an innovative comprehensive shopping experience - across all sales channels. The NTS Retail Suite is not only the central hub in your retail network, it is also a multifunctional link between your company and your customers. New communication concepts make your Point of Sale mobile and put your company directly onto your customers' smartphones and tablets.



Our customers

Renowned retail companies worldwide manage their distribution channels, sales activities and goods allocation with the NTS Retail Suite. They place their trust in the reliability of our software and in the expertise of our specialists.

We are NTS Retail

We are
NTS Retail

Retailers around the world rely on us!
We deliver retail excellence at its best
and help you to build a stronger business.

  We are NTS Retail  



The new generation store: Telco expert CSP launches NTS Retail shop software

Wilhering / Unterweitersdorf – With the NTS touchstore and NTS vShelf, the renowned telco expert CSP has recently launched two modules of NTS Retail’s touchpoint series at their location in...

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Customer Experience in Retail Stores

We know that 1/3 of all customers visit a shop in order to buy. 1/3 comes into the shop to look for products which they then buy online. 1/3 enters the shop with the intention to buy but does not...

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